Robby Johnson

Nashville’s new rising star grew up in a French province in Canada, learning to speak his accent free English by watching American television. He also listened
to lots of music and amongst all the tunes he discovered and fell in love with country music.

“It’s music that is healing. It resonated with me and drew me in.” Poverty and shyness were a way of life for Robby growing up, but in his imagination he dreamed big. He always believed that one day – some day — he would find a path toward the life he hoped for. Going from job to job trying to find a meaning to his life he received a paid demo session as a Christmas present. The experience changed him forever. It was the first time he realized his voice might be special and that his songs could affect those who heard them. In 2012, Robby decided to come to Nashville and cut more songs. So strongly did he believe in his dream that when the company where he worked as a manufacturers’ sales rep refused to give him time off, he took a leap of faith and moved to Nashville.